Although the ensemble was smaller, it was nevertheless a full-fledged eurobrass concert. Music, the words you spoke—everything fit together. 

We were really pleased to hear this response from an audience member at our first concert this summer. His words confirmed that we had met our goal: to combine good music with a message of hope in Jesus. These words could also describe the entire “eurobrass mal anders” project: Although the ensemble was smaller, although the program was shorter, although we played fewer events—it was nevertheless a full-fledged eurobrass tour. 

We really enjoyed playing for a live audience again, and we noticed a similar excitement among our listeners—the relief of finally being able to attend a concert in person. We appreciated being able to interact with concertgoers, having face-to-face (or at least mask-to-mask) conversations. We also enjoyed being a part of worship services in four different churches. Although our time together was shorter than it would be during a “normal” tour, we still experienced the deep, strengthening fellowship that makes being part of eurobrass so special.

For us, experiencing so much in the course of just a “little tour” could only be a gift from God. We’re thankful that he gave us the wisdom, courage, and strength to plan and carry out the 2021 eurobrass tour “mal anders.” Now we’re looking ahead to next summer and anticipating what God has planned for eurobrass 2022.