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From the Press

From the Press: Neue Deuster Zeitung

1. July 2019|

The audience for our concert on 7/20/19 in Springe included the Neue Deuster Zeitung. They reported: The eurobrass ensemble began their concert in the St. Andreas Church so strongly that the audience may have feared for [...]

From the Press: schwä

20. August 2017|

When eurobrass played on 7/31/17 at the Ev. Kreuzkirche in Sigmaringen, the press was also in attendance. What did they have to say? Before they turned, in the second half of the program, to music [...]

From the Press: Westfalen-Blatt

1. September 2016|

A reporter from the Westfalen-Blatt numbered among the audience members at the eurobrass Konzert in on 7/22/16 in Bad Oeynhausen. The paper reported: Attenders of the eurobrass ensemble concert Friday evening in the Christ Church in Bad [...]

From Audience Members

It was really, really beautiful and a comfort for the soul in this day and age.
Rothenburg o.d.T., 2022

One can sense that your music comes from your heartfelt faith—a blessing for all concertgoers.
Grömbach, 2022

We will be rejoicing over this concert for the rest of the summer!
Rothenburg o.d.T., 2022

Music and message fit perfectly together, wonderfully presented with contagious excitement.
Herford, 2019

The combination of excellent music and beautiful, comforting, and encouraging words—wonderful.
Ortmannsdorf, 2019

This is how I imagine heaven to be!
Königsfeld, 2019

Uplifting. Thank you for courageously sharing your faith.
Bayreuth, 2019

The music was a pleasure and very professional. The introductions were charming and humorous. The testimony was moving.
Sigmaringen, 2017

Moving, inviting, persuasive Christianity—how wonderful!
Königsfeld, 2017

Yes, you played great. You’re professional musicians, and that’s what you do. But it’s how you fill that great music with life that is something really unique and special—how you interact with each other and with the audience, the words that you speak, the total package.
München, 2017

The concert this evening was meaningful, overwhelming, intoxicating, joyful, humorous, and totally stirring deep down into my soul.
Königsfeld, 2017

Authentic, natural, harmonious, joyful, real, without masks.
Ammerbuch-Entringen, 2017

The concert this evening was terrific—music of such high quality in our little village church is a real gift! All of you radiate such joy. You’re not only highly gifted, but you also use these gifts in the service of God—how wonderful!
Fintel, 2016

That was a worship service like none I have ever experienced. I don’t play the trumpet, but I may just have to start now! Sensational!
Wallhausen, 2016

It was a perfect combination of music, entertainment, and message.
Herrnhut, 2016

I’m inspired every time I hear you by the brilliance, the variety, the message, and your joy in making music, which comes across so clearly. May God use you to open many more hearts the way you opened ours this evening.
Korbach, 2015

It was moving; it was impressive. If you already play this beautifully in the here and now, what are we going to hear in heaven?
Waldbröl, 2015

The Spirit of God shines out from all of you so strongly—that’s what is so moving and gripping about eurobrass concerts.
Lechenich, 2015