When eurobrass played on 7/31/17 at the Ev. Kreuzkirche in Sigmaringen, the press was also in attendance. What did they have to say?

Before they turned, in the second half of the program, to music with Christian influence, the twelve musicians introduced themselves briefly. They told about their families, their careers, and also about their Christian faith, which is the connecting point within the ensemble. Some of these self-portraits were very personal, some serious, and others humorous. They caused the audience to laugh and produced a light-hearted atmosphere in the church.

“Song for Hope,” which the composer, Peter Meechan, dedicated to his friend, Ryan Anthony of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, who is battling cancer, proved spectacularly how much elegance and grace, but also how much strength and sound brass instruments can produce.

Dave Porter´s performance with his tuba of two African-American spirituals was both sensitive and stirring. During the song “Joshua fit the battle of Jericho” he moved with his large instrument back and forth energetically and generated such powerful tones, that the listeners almost heard the walls of Jericho falling.

www.schwäbische.de, 2. August, 2017