When we planned this year’s eurobrass tour, we knew from the very beginning that a tour this year could be risky. Now we’ve fully experienced this reality. Because two of our team members have tested positive for COVID-19, we carried out the first weekend of the tour with reduced numbers. We all put in a lot of extra work to cover all the missing parts with other instruments, and it worked. With God’s help, we played three successful concerts on and around which we sensed his blessing. But Sunday, when the third infection in the ensemble made itself known, the next step was clear: In order to break the chain of transmission in the ensemble and protect our concert audiences, we need to take a break. Since then, two more musicians have tested positive, necessitating that we extend that break another day.

Unfortunately, this decision means that we have to cancel three concerts: July 24 in Unterschwaningen, July 25 in Donauwörth, and July 30 in Wallhausen. We were really looking forward to these concerts, and really hate that we have to cancel. We apologize especially for cancelling on such short notice.

Naturally we’re all disappointed to have to interrupt the tour like this. At the same time, we remain confident that God is with us and is leading us every step of the way. There’s a LOT that we don’t understand – but we trust his wisdom and his love. 

For the moment all of our concerts on or after July 31 remain on the calendar. At that point, we really hope that we’ll be able to return to the tour (If you’re planning on coming to a concert, please contact the concert organizer to see if there’s been a change of plans). As we continue to hope, we nevertheless remain dependent on God, and pray that he fills us with his strength, wisdom, peace, and joy.