The audience for our concert on 7/20/19 in Springe included the Neue Deuster Zeitung. They reported:

The eurobrass ensemble began their concert in the St. Andreas Church so strongly that the audience may have feared for the church’s structural integrity. As if to drown out the trumpets at Jericho, they let their instruments ring out freely.

. . . Along with their music, the musicians shared their Protestant faith. Their trumpets, horns, tuba, euphonium, and trombones could easily be described as “divine brass.” The Christian message put forth in their concert is impressively straightforward.

. . . Strong faith and the powerful sound together built a musical framework that hardly any listener could resist. This was evidenced upon the invitation to sing with “Großer Gott, wir loben dich” (“Holy God, We Praise Thy Name”), as the church rang with voices raised in song. The group couldn’t have chosen a better setting for a concert like this. And right in the middle of it were statements like “The world in which we live is dangerous, but God shows us its beauty”–a statement that reflects the reality and the faith of the ensemble.

Neue Deuster Zeitung, July 2019