“A perfect symbiosis of spiritual and musical equipping.”

It would be difficult to find a better summary of the 2015 eurobrass Workshop, which took place in the week before this year’s concert tour. Our fellowship was deep, our engagement with the Word of God strengthening, and our music-making both joyful and moving. Through large ensemble rehearsals (53 players with participants and staff together), individual lessons, smaller ensembles, voice and breathing lessons, playing at the nursing home next door, an introductory handbell course, daily Bible studies, and singing together, our group took advantage of every opportunity to learn, to grow, and to be challenged in different ways. The days were very, VERY full—both participants and staff members had to check the daily schedule multiple times per day to know where they were supposed to be. But somehow all of these activities together formed the „perfect symbiosis“ mentioned above; at the end of the week, we were simply thankful for all we had experienced. We’re already looking forward to the next workshop, currently scheduled for Summer 2018.