On the road again…

The eurobrass leadership team spent this spring hoping and praying that concerts this summer would be possible. Finally we had to make a decision: There would be no “normal” eurobrass tour this summer. It was simply too risky for a 12-person ensemble to travel from one place to another every day for 3 1/2 weeks. Nevertheless, after the cancellation of last year’s tour we really wanted to offer some sort of musical encouragement to audiences this summer. While a normal tour wasn’t possible, the idea of another complete cancellation seemed unbearable. We needed a third option—and now we’ve found it! Our summer 2021 project is called “eurobrass mal anders:” eurobrass, but different.

So what’s different, then? In order to travel and perform as safely as possible this summer, we’ve reduced both the size of the ensemble—from twelve members to five—and the number of engagements. We’ll travel on each of four consecutive weekends, in each case offering a compact Saturday evening concert and accompanying a worship service on Sunday morning. We’ll also broadcast one concert via livestream.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Here’s how you can learn more about the project:

  • Find our when and where we’re playing on our  Events calendar.
  • Meet the ensemble by scrolling to the bottom of our “About us” page
  • If you can’t make it to a concert or worship service, you can catch our livestream concert here.

We look forward to the eurobrass tour every summer, but this summer—after cancelling the 2020 tour and after the difficulties of the past year—we’re especially excited. We’re very thankful for the opportunities both to play live music and to share our concert program online. Whether it’s in person or virtually, we’d love to see you at a concert this summer!