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The eurobrass ensemble began their concert in the St. Andreas Church so strongly that the audience may have feared for the church's structural integrity. As if to drown out the trumpets at Jericho, they let their instruments ring out freely.

. . . Along with their music, the musicians shared their Protestant faith. Their trumpets, horns, tuba, euphonium, and trombones could easily be described as "divine brass" The Christian message put forth in their concert is impressively straightforward.

. . . Strong faith and the powerful sound together built a musical framework that hardly any listener could resist. This was evidenced upon the invitation to sing with "Großer Gott, wir loben dich" ("Holy God, We Praise Thy Name"), as the church rang with voices raised in song. The group couldn't have chosen a better setting for a concert like this. And right in the middle of it were statements like "The world in which we live is dangerous, but God shows us its beauty"--a statement that reflects the reality and the faith of the ensemble.

     - Neue Deuster Zeitung, July 2019


Each of the pieces conveyed its own unique mood, from elegant and calm to joyful and thrilling, illustrating various musical styles through the ages. The concert program included pieces from the Baroque era, but also Ragtime and Spirituals. In addition to the variety of musical styles played, the changing combinations of instruments showed off each instrument in a way rarely seen.

. . . In the second part of the concert, the ensemble focused on Christian music--songs that encourage. The idea of finding hope in God and the playing of modern worship songs created a powerful musical atmosphere with a deep impact.

     - Korbacher Zeitung, July 29, 2019


Before they turned, in the second half of the program, to music with Christian influence, the twelve musicians introduced themselves briefly. They told about their families, their careers, and also about their Christian faith, which is the connecting point within the ensemble. Some of these self-portraits were very personal, some serious, and other humorous. They caused the audience to laugh and produced a light-hearted atmosphere in the church.

     "Song for Hope," which the composer, Peter Meechan, dedicated to his friend, Ryan Anthony of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, who is battling cancer, proved spectacularly how much elegance and grace, but also how much strength and sound brass instruments can produce.

     Dave Porter´s performance with his tuba of two African-American spirituals was both sensitive and stirring. During the song "Joshua fit the battle of Jericho" he moved with his large instrument back and forth energetically and generated such powerful tones, that the listeners almost heard the walls of Jericho falling.

     - www.schwäbische.de, August 2, 2017



The ensemble impressed with homogenous and clear intonation, and with a sound that was both mellow and radiant. . . . The public rewarded the musicians with bountiful applause, including a standing ovation.

     - Badische Neueste Nachrichten Ettlingen, August 8, 2017


Attenders of the eurobrass ensemble concert Friday evening in the Christ Church in Bad Oeynhausen enjoyed top class brass music. The musicians were guests in this Baptist Church for the second time. They received lots of applause for their two-hour program.
To begin with, the musicians targeted the ears of the audience, playing the Fanfare from La Péri by Dukas from the back of the sanctuary. But after they finally took their places on stage, one could hardly believe that an ensemble of 12 professional musicians could fill the church with such a powerful sound.
    Between the pieces, teacher and trombonist Angie Hunter shared short anecdotes about each of the following pieces. In addition, the musicians didn´t pass up the opportunity to present the listeners with a short description of themselves. With lots of humor and surprising German ability they talked about their education, their families, and their pets. It was these short insights that caused the distance between the stage and the audience to grow ever smaller. Another exceptional moment came when the musicians positioned themselves in various corners of the church, and the audience found themselves directly in the middle of the music.
    In the second half of the program the musicians emphasized their Christian background. They encouraged the audience to sing along with a worship song and talked about the trust in God that unites them. With these emotional elements, the personal insights into the musicians´ private lives, and a successful performance, the ensemble touched many hearts.
    - Westfalen-Blatt, July 25, 2016

In the end this surprised everyone: over 600 people poured into the church in Königsfeld on Thursday for a concert presented by the brass ensemble eurobrass. And that, although the dozen musicians performed the day before in a church only 13 miles away. It was the 23rd appearance in this spa town by the brass players, who count local musician Angie Hunter as a member of their group. The musicians from Germany and the USA carry out a concert tour each year with a different line-up of performers.
    The concert program was very diverse, including both church music and classical pieces. In both cases the audience enjoyed brass music of the highest quality, and they gave the musicians lots of applause in return. For the ”Light Cavalry Overture” by Franz von Suppé the instrumentalists pulled out all the stops, nearly tearing the audience from their seats.
    After almost two hours of top notch entertainment the audience responded with a standing ovation, and they were rewarded with two encores.
     - Südkurier, August 5, 2016


Music that produced a deep impact and goosebumps: The ensemble eurobrass inspired with a sublime sound and first-class performance, but also with warmth and cordialness. Not a single seat in the church in Schwabendorf was left empty. Some people even sat outdoors and experienced the concert from there.
     The musicians quickly reached the hearts of their listeners with brass music of the highest standard, combined with a joy of living that was apparent every moment. The audience responded enthusiastically with foot stomping, calls of ”bravo,” and sustained applause after every piece. The twelve musicians from the USA and Germany presented themselves multifaceted and as masters of their trade, producing a phenomenal sound that reached into the most hidden corners of the church.
     - Oberhessische Presse, August 5, 2015


"Fasten your seatbelts!" When Angie Hunter made this recommendation with a knowing smile during the eurobrass concert in the protestant church in Schömberg, she hit the nail on the head.

     She also could have said: Keep your feet on the ground! Or keep your cool! Or even more: Hang on to your heart! Because immediately after the brilliant start of the concert with "Fanfare on Doxology" it was clear: during the musical roller coaster ride of the next two hours, the listeners would be carried away unavoidably by this "top class brass music."

     Whether the twelve brass musicians, all of them masters on their instruments, performed as a complete ensemble, as soloists, or in smaller groups, the variety of sounds seemed to be nearly limitless, their ensemble playing consummate, and the technical capabilities inexhaustible.

     - Schwarzwälder-Bote, 11. August, 2014


This international ensemble was founded 35 years ago and is motivated by trust in God and love for humanity, which corresponds well to its excellent musical quality and highly developed technical abilities. Whether they´re playing classical music or jazz, songs from musicals or Lutheran chorales, again and again their unbridled joy in playing unites together with seriousness and confidence to form a glorious sound, as in the Bach Chorale "Jesus, Priceless Treasure".
     - Thüringer Allgemein, July 2013



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