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. . . and practically speaking?

The eurobrass ensemble is the flagship of the non-profit organization "eurobrass - music that goes beyond."  The organization was formed in March 2009 and is located in Königsfeld, Germany.

The tour takes place primarily in Germany and its neighboring countries.  Travel expenses to and from Frankfurt, Germany, are paid by each eurobrass team member. After arrival our expenses are met by the churches that sponsor our concerts.

As a rule, concerts are organized by churches from various denominations.  They take place in church buildings, concert halls and as open air events in castle courtyards or city parks.

The language of communication within the group is English.

The eurobrass tour lasts three weeks.  The first four days are used for rehearsal and team preparation. Those are normally followed by 17 concerts and three worship services.

The concert program presents secular and sacred works in diverse styles and from various eras.  Spoken transitions and explanations deepen the impact of the pieces and provide a pleasant change of pace.

Are you interested in planning a concert with eurobrass?  You can find further detailed information (in German) specifically for concert organizers in our information flyer.


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