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At the beginning of the 1970s the musician Julian Bandy comes from the United States to Germany. He serves as a teacher at the German Bible Institute in Seeheim-Jugenheim (now in Ostfildern). As a supplement to the already-existing programs in church work and missions, Julian Bandy develops a music department at the college. He also draws on his skills as a professional trombonist to found the brass ensemble eurobrass in 1978.

Initially the ensemble is made up of friends of Julian´s. Later a number of college students, who have time during the summer to participate in the eight-week tour, join the group.  A regular part of the tour in those days is the brass seminar that Julian Bandy, with the help of the ensemble, offers each year for brass choir musicians.  The instrumentation of eurobrass is different every year - sometimes a brass quintet, sometimes with organ, sometimes an octet.

During the 1990s the varying tour structure and instrumentation gradually move toward a standard form. Now eurobrass consists of 12 musicians who take part in an annual three-week tour. Professional musicians and advanced college music majors from the USA and Germany now make up the ensemble.

The distribution of instruments is also established:  four trumpets, three horns, three trombones, one euphonium and one tuba. This instrumentation makes the ensemble very flexible.  It allows performance of many different genres from many different eras, and can generate a wide variety of colors and emotions.  The repertoire of eurobrass develops from year to year; the number of proven and well-loved pieces grows continually.

In October of 1993 eurobrass has to cope with the death of its founder and leader, Julian Bandy. The ministry is carried on by two members of the ensemble.  Angie Hunter studied euphonium and trombone and until 2008 was on the music staff of the German Bible Institute.  Bass trombonist Chris Woods lives in the USA and is a professor at Greenville College, Illinois. He writes most of the group´s arrangements.

For over 30 years eurobrass is a ministry arm of the German Bible Insitute. In March 2009 the non-profit organization "eurobrass - music that goes beyond" is formed. Flagship of the non-profit is the eurobrass ensemble; its chairperson is Angie Hunter.

eurobrass performs nationally and internationally - to date in 14 German states, Switzerland and the USA.  Its concerts have been supplemented through the years by five CD productions (of which two are still available), which impressively document the consistent quality and breadth of the ensemble.  More than 100 musicians have participated in eurobrass at least once, some of them returning for multiple tours.  Each year an average of 4,000 enthusiastic listeners attend eurobrass concerts, producing a steady gain in popularity and prominence.

But in all this we see God´s hand at work leading, carrying and blessing the ministry.  We honor this rich heritage and carry it on with joy, with a deep sense of responsibility, and in ongoing dependence on God.  Our desire is that eurobrass might communicate God´s greatness and goodness in such a way that our listeners would recognize and experience the love of their Creator.

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