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Current News

January 11, 2018:

The year 2018 has begun, and with it, our 40th anniversary! We´ll kick off the celebration near the end of February, when our anniversary CD is released. The climax will occur at the end of our concert tour, when the tour ensemble is expanded to include 16 alumni eurobrass musicians. During the week before the tour we also will carry out a workshop for church brass choir players. It promises to be a special year, but our goal remains the same: using music to proclaim and give testimony to the greatness, beauty, and grace of our Lord.

August 19, 2017:

The eurobrass 2017 tour is now in the books, and we feel very thankful and overwhelmed at all the ways we saw God´s hand at work. Among other things, we´re thankful for protection, for beautiful scenery, for the many friendly people we met along the way, for wonderful music, for a team that felt more like family, and for the many people who prayed for us during the tour. But not only we as team members are thankful - our audience members also let us know through emails, our guest book, and personal comments that they also were thankful for our concerts. You can read some of those comments and also some press reviews here.

July 8, 2017:
We´re very excited about this year´s eurobrass concert tour, which begins in just a few days. If you´d like to support us in prayer during the tour, you can find updates, photos, and prayer requests on our 2017 Prayer Blog.

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