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Current News

January 18, 2019:

Several months later, we're still basking in the memories of our 40th anniversary summer. From the workshop to the 12-member tour to our 28-musician alumni weekend...what a remarkable experience. Although each part of the anniversary was unique, several things remained constant throughout: the joy with which team members gave of their musical gifts, the warm and open reception of German brass players and audience members, and the faithfulness of God experienced by all throughout.

Now we've turned our attention to the 2019 tour--keep an eye on this page in the coming weeks for more information about 2019 team members and concert venues!

July 4, 2018:

We have a special summer ahead of us, as eurobrass celebrates its 40th anniversary! We´d be honored and thankful to have you join us in prayer as we head out. To keep up with current prayer requests, photos, and answers to prayer, join our Facebook group ”eurobrass 2018 prayer blog / Gebetsblog.” Or if you´d prefer, we´d be happy to send you updates by email. Just send an email to eurobrass@eurobrass.de and ask to be added to our 2018 prayer blog email list. Thanks very much for your prayers!

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