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Comments from Concert Attenders




* The music was a pleasure and very professional. The introductions were charming and humorous. The testimony was moving.

     - Sigmaringen, 2017

* Moving, inviting, persuasive Christianity - how wonderful!

     - Königsfeld, 2017

* Yes, you played great. You´re professional musicians, and that´s what you do. But it´s how you fill that great music with life that is something really unique and special - how you interact with each other and with the audience, the words that you speak, the total package.

     - Munich, 2017

* The concert this evening was meaningful, overwhelming, intoxicating, joyful, humorous and totally stirring deep down into my soul.

     - Königsfeld, 2017

* Authentic, natural, harmonious, joyful, real, without masks.

     - Ammerbuch-Entringen, 2017


* The concert this evening was terrific - music of such high quality in our little village church is a real gift! All of you radiate such joy. You´re not only highly gifted, but you also use these gifts in the service of God - how wonderful!
    - Fintel, 2016

* Many thanks for your truly refreshing testimony and spoken transitions, and for the spiritual depth.
    - Walsrode, 2016

* That was a worship service like none I have ever experienced. I don´t play the trumpet, but I may just have to start now! Sensational!
    - Wallhausen, 2016

* It was a perfect combination of music, entertainment, and message.
    - Herrnhut, 2016

* I had to drive 100 km to experience this, but it was worth it.
    - Fintel, 2016


* I´m inspired every time I hear you by the brilliance, the variety, the message, and your joy in making music, which comes across so clearly. May God use you to open many more hearts, the way you opened ours this evening.

     - Korbach, 2015


* It was moving, it was impressive. If you already play this beautifully in the here and now, what are we going to hear in heaven?

     - Waldbröl, 2015


* The Spirit of God shines out from all of you so strongly - that´s what is so moving and gripping about eurobrass concerts."

     - Lechenich, 2015


* That was fantastic. That was magnificent. Here near a large city we´re accustomed to hearing great music, but this depth and intensity will remain in our memories

     - Haar, 2014

* That was a musical blessing. One has the feeling of floating on the sounds of the instruments.

     - Schömberg, 2014


* Thank you for the wonderful concert! Unfortunately it´s not possible to clap loudly enough to communicate the great joy within!

     - Jugenheim, 2014


* This refreshing combination of proclamation and quality is found only seldom.

     - Ortmannsdorf, 2013


* I had to wait 66 years to find out that music and faith go together.

     - Rochlitz, 2013


* A very stirring concert filled with nuances that reached deep into heart and soul. I feel renewed and invigorated!

     - Oberelsungen, 2013



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